How can I uninstall a Custom Webpart from Sharepoint Server 2010?



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You can manage webparts from:

  • Central Administration
    • System Settings
      • Manage Farm Solutions
        • Select the WebPart

and click "Retract Solution".


Use PowerShell commands to add/remove or upgrade solution///

Adding Solution

Add-SPSolution PATH

Deploying solution

Install-SPSolution SolutionPackage.wsp –WebApplication servername –GACDeployment  

Uninstalling solution

Uninstall-SPSolution SolutionPackage.wsp –WebApplication servername

Removing solution

Remove-SPSolution SolutionPackage.wsp

Install-SPSolution –Identity $solutionName  -Webapplication $webapplication -GACdeployment

I would like to add link related with the question. Beytan Kurt is right but if you try to add a new web part in your page you will notice there in the Category section it still have reference to the web part. This link which I post it will give you a full explanation why the web part still have reference into Category section. Also it will help you to fully remove the web part from your farm solution. This is the link .

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Stefan Chonov


I was unable to retract solution both by Central Administration and by Power Shell due the following error:

Uninstall-SPSolution : Admin SVC must be running in order to create deployment timer job.

The retract was being scheduled but not executed at all.

So, I opened the SharePoint Power Shell as administrator and typed the following command after schedule my retract:

stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs

This command force all the admin scheduled jobs to be executed, so the retract worked good. It works for install and uninstall a web part. Good luck.

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