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I am using Git in Windows10 to manage my repositories in Github and I have two GitHub accounts: account_A and account_B.

When I need to update my repositories of account_A, one failure comes out:

remote: Permission to account_A/repository denied to account_B.

I have checked with my username and email with the command

git config user.name

And it shows


NOTE: This problem happens only in Github, Bitbucket works fine actually.

I have tried all methods I can search in Google and also asked help from my mates, including:

  • Reinstall Git.
  • use command git config --global user.email and git config --global user.name
  • delete files in ~/.ssh/
  • change url = https://github.com/account_A/repository into url = https://account_A@github.com/account_A/repository in .git/config

I am actually not familiar with the mechanism of Git. Hope and wait for someone's help, many thanks!

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    Your user.name and user.email have nothing to do with authentication. They're just used for authoring commits. Please see the linked duplicates. – Chris Apr 22 at 11:50
  • Thank you for your help but I may not explain my question clearly, actually I didn't set any ssh stuff, and there should be error msg when commit as expected ( git should ask me the username), but I commit successfully and got a error msg when push. – Werry Lee Apr 23 at 4:44
  • I finally solved it, the credential manager of Windows saved the GitHub username and keys... – Werry Lee Apr 23 at 4:58

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