I am building a Currency Input component using React Native TextInput. While the user is typing, the requirement is that the text should always be format in this way:

$ + [integer-part] . [2 digits decimals]

So for example if the user enters 2, it should be automatically formatted to $0.02. I am able to perform a formatting while the user is typing as illustrated in the below screenshot:

enter image description here

Basically, using onChangeText, I apply some formatting and then call setState with the formatted value.

The problem here is that the newly typed character says for one second before being correctly formatted. And this causes the TextInput to flicker briefly.

I have looked at this similar question. But not only I could not understand how the accepted answer can solved my problem. And even when I did as suggested, it did not work.

I don't know how to go about with this problem: it seems that the TextInput cannot be fully "controlled" since it is displaying an input character although I have explicitly stated:


Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated

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    One way to achieve this is to use two text inputs. One will be hidden and will accept input, the other one will only display after you do your formatting. You would have to play with ref and some focus-ing stuff. – Ziyo Apr 22 at 20:54
  • Create a snack and post the link here, we'll try to help you. – Ziyo Apr 22 at 20:55
  • thank you for your answer. unfortunately the code base is quite complex and difficult to extract just the bits needed to illustrate the problem. Could you be able to point me where I could find an example of using 2 inputs controls (one being invisible but yet receiving user input)? – TheSoul Apr 23 at 0:29
  • Please note that RN doesn't have any issues with TextInput. It must be very specific to your case. As a suggestion i offered a "hack" that may work or it will give the same effect. If you still have the issue, try to recreate it in a snack and I will jump on it and debug together. – Ziyo Apr 23 at 1:51

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