I have a UWP Application using ReactiveUI. I navigate to a page with this code:

Router.Navigate.Execute(new AccountListViewModel(this));

The navigation is done. But the ViewModel I created for the navigation is not assigned to my ViewModel in the View. IViewFor<> is implemented as follows:

public sealed partial class AccountListView : IViewFor<AccountListViewModel>
    public static readonly DependencyProperty ViewModelProperty = DependencyProperty
        .Register(nameof(ViewModel), typeof(AccountListViewModel), typeof(AccountListView), null);

    public AccountListView()

        this.WhenActivated(disposables =>
           // My Bindings

    object IViewFor.ViewModel
        get => ViewModel;
        set => ViewModel = (AccountListViewModel) value;

    public AccountListViewModel ViewModel {
        get => (AccountListViewModel)GetValue(ViewModelProperty);
        set => SetValue(ViewModelProperty, value);

Or do I get something completly wrong here?

  • Check debug output.maybe something useful is written – Andriy Shevchenko Apr 22 at 19:01
  • There are some hinting that fields are POCO types. But nothing regarding the ViewModel. Do I look for something specific? – NPadrutt Apr 22 at 19:19

According to ReactiveUI RoutedViewHost implementation for Windows, which is used for Universal Windows Platform and for Windows Presentation Foundation, the view model should definitely get assigned to the IViewFor.ViewModel property. You can track changes in the IScreen.Router.CurrentViewModel property to make sure it changes.

If it does, make sure you properly bind your IScreen.Router property to the Router property of the UWP-specific RoutedViewHost XAML control, and routing should finally work. In fact, I tested that behavior on UWP recently and it worked fine for me with ReactiveUI 9.13.1 and latest UWP SDK. Try following the routing tutorial to fully understand how routing works. If this still won't work for you, then uploading a minimal repro that compiles to GitHub could help us understand your issue better. Also, come join ReactiveUI Slack, we are always ready to help out.

  • Thanks for the link to the RouteViewHost Class! I haven't realized that it resolves in the WhenActivated and checked before. So it is actually working as expected. And actually I am in the Slack Group. Maybe I should make better use of it :) – NPadrutt Apr 22 at 20:20

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