I'm still pretty new to Angular and am having trouble understanding one of the most important concepts and that is cross-component communication.

The goal of the app: I have 3 dropdown select options that are populated by initial API calls. I want to make another API call depending on the user's selected dropdown options, which should generate a dynamic table (that will update whenever a user switches their dropdown select options)

Program Breakdown:

DropdownService - In this file, I have a service with all my API calls designed to get data for the dropdowns.

DropdownPopulatorComponent - In this file, I subscribe to the dropdown APIs, and populate the dropdown boxes with the corresponding data that is returned from the API calls.

TableGeneratorComponent - I have yet to fully make/design this file, but I want it to be able to use the dropdown data selected in the DropdownPopulatorComponent. Note: I need to subscribe to another API here, but need the data from the DropdownPopulatorComponent (I've tried putting the dropdown data from the DropdownPopulatorComponent into my Service, but came back with undefined when I attempted the table API call in this file)

AppComponent - I have yet to really touch this file besides generating the DropdownPopulatorComponent in the HTML

I want to generate a table on the same page based on the selected dropdown options that the user chooses (all of this information is stored as global variables in my DropdownPopulatorComponent). So what I'm really trying to ask is, what is the best way for me to tackle the remaining portion of my app. I want to generate a table dynamically and update it depending on the dropdown options selected by the user.

Also, for future reference, what exactly is a service used for? Should it be holding data that is pivotal to the operation of the app? Or should it only be for retrieving data?

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