I'm trying to have RingCentral send information directly to my Google Sheet setting a subscription.

Using the function the RingCentral require to answer the initial request adding the validation token to the Validation-Token header which RingCentral sends in the same header. I can't find a way to access the header from the request I receive with doPost(e), and I don't know how to answer this request with the proper validation code so I basically cant close the loop and start using the registration.

Any idea?


Unfortunately Google Apps Scripts cannot access headers in doPost(e), even for Google's own x-goog prefix headers. You can follow the issue and feature request here:


As a workaround, I wrote a service called "RingCentral Permahooks" that can be used as a go between between RingCentral and Google Apps Scripts by handling the validation token in the Permahooks service and also not-requiring it for the downstream service, Google Sheets Apps Scripts in this case.


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