I am following the procedures here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ios/getting-started/advanced#sim_build

I start by running the build on an iPhone 5s

Then I use (filling out all of the asterisks and destination) from the command line

ditto -ck --sequesterRsrc --keepParent `ls -1 -d -t ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*/Build/Products/*-iphonesimulator/*.app | head -n 1` path/to/YourApp.zip

And then

ios-sim launch /path/to/your-app.app

to launch the build, also from the command line and replacing the file path

I receive this error

/Users/planetsanzio/Desktop/MyApp.zip/Info.plist file not found.

Also, there is a greyed out 'x' over the file itself when viewed from Finder. The following error pops when the build file is double clicked

You can’t use this version of the application “Chain” with this version of macOS.
You have macOS 10.14.4. The application requires macOS 12.0 or later.

Where 12.0 is the iOS target version of the app. Whenever I try to upload the zip file to Facebook, it says there was an error trying to upload the file

Am I following the procedure correctly? Has anyone experienced this before?

NOTE - I am not using Cordova

  • Do you have multiple Xcode in your system? Apr 23 '19 at 6:44
  • No. I have 1 Xcode icon and have not previously tried to install more than one. Apr 23 '19 at 6:55
  • Are you pointing to a zip file? /Users/planetsanzio/Desktop/MyApp.zip? are you supposed to?
    – Scriptable
    Apr 23 '19 at 8:10
  • I am pointing to a zip file, the line "ios-sim launch /path/to/your-app.app" was copied right from the facebook guideline. I changed this to "ios-sim launch /Users/planetsanzio/Desktop/Chain.zip" before running the command Apr 23 '19 at 8:25

Run the ios-sim launch command on the .app file, not the .zip file.

Facebook's review team will unzip the file first.

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