I'm trying to make 'wp_set_script_translations' work with theme in conjunction with wpml.

I had implemented all the recommendations from Wordpress Codex. WPML plugin generates file in format "locale-domain-handle.json" in "\wp-content\languages\wpml" folder. But file generates without translations and with wrong domain name "messages" instead domain that I specified. Also I checked WPML String Translation files and it seems that wrong json generates by JED function that always sets "message" domain and ignores customer domain name.

  "translation-revision-date": "2019-04-23 08:33:37+0000",
  "generator": "WPML String Translation 2.10.2",
  "domain": "messages",
  "locale_data": {
    "messages": {
      "": {
        "domain": "messages",
        "plural-forms": "nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;",
        "lang": "fr_FR"

I would like to see the translations with right domain name in the file or alternative and automated method without manual generation of translation files.

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