Where i can see the list of languages and their codes?

I want to compare languages and auto-select required language in template.

Are they cross-browser equal?

Any other solution?


For copy and pasting purposes:

["af", "sq", "ar-SA", "ar-IQ", "ar-EG", "ar-LY", "ar-DZ", "ar-MA", "ar-TN", "ar-OM",
 "ar-YE", "ar-SY", "ar-JO", "ar-LB", "ar-KW", "ar-AE", "ar-BH", "ar-QA", "eu", "bg",
 "be", "ca", "zh-TW", "zh-CN", "zh-HK", "zh-SG", "hr", "cs", "da", "nl", "nl-BE", "en",
 "en-US", "en-EG", "en-AU", "en-GB", "en-CA", "en-NZ", "en-IE", "en-ZA", "en-JM",
 "en-BZ", "en-TT", "et", "fo", "fa", "fi", "fr", "fr-BE", "fr-CA", "fr-CH", "fr-LU",
 "gd", "gd-IE", "de", "de-CH", "de-AT", "de-LU", "de-LI", "el", "he", "hi", "hu", 
 "is", "id", "it", "it-CH", "ja", "ko", "lv", "lt", "mk", "mt", "no", "pl",
 "pt-BR", "pt", "rm", "ro", "ro-MO", "ru", "ru-MI", "sz", "sr", "sk", "sl", "sb",
 "es", "es-AR", "es-GT", "es-CR", "es-PA", "es-DO", "es-MX", "es-VE", "es-CO", 
 "es-PE", "es-EC", "es-CL", "es-UY", "es-PY", "es-BO", "es-SV", "es-HN", "es-NI", 
 "es-PR", "sx", "sv", "sv-FI", "th", "ts", "tn", "tr", "uk", "ur", "ve", "vi", "xh",
 "ji", "zu"];

This list of languages is defined by the ISO : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes

Example : be for belarus, fr for french.

If you are looking for something more specific, those are not languages, but locale, e.g. "Brazilian Portuguese", or "Canadian French". Those can be found in the ICU project: https://www.localeplanet.com/icu/

Example : pt_BR for Portuguese (Brazil) vs pt_CV for Portuguese (Cape Verde)

Those are the ones available for copy/pasting in dYale answer.

  • So it's 639-1 column? Is it's the same in all browsers?
    – Somebody
    Apr 7 '11 at 12:24
  • I guess yes, tho I can't 100% certify it. Apr 7 '11 at 12:30
  • I would say the 639-1 column is the one Javascript uses. I asked a few people in other countries to alert out their code and it matched the values in 639-1.
    – JoJo
    Jun 25 '12 at 18:31
  • 5
    this does not answers fully, in the link provided one can find language codes, but not country-specific language codes, like fr-fr or fr-ca
    – shabunc
    Feb 11 '15 at 1:44
  • That is wrong. Mine is pt-BR and is not listed there. Feb 19 '19 at 19:51

In some case, navigator.language can return something like "sr-Latn-RS"

According to MDN (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/NavigatorLanguage/language) navigator.language can return every value valid in BCP-47: https://tools.ietf.org/html/bcp47


If anyone also needs the name of the language for user selection (created from here using query selector so it's accurate):

    ['Abkhazian', 'ab'],
    ['Afar', 'aa'],
    ['Afrikaans', 'af'],
    ['Akan', 'ak'],
    ['Albanian', 'sq'],
    ['Amharic', 'am'],
    ['Arabic', 'ar'],
    ['Aragonese', 'an'],
    ['Armenian', 'hy'],
    ['Assamese', 'as'],
    ['Avaric', 'av'],
    ['Avestan', 'ae'],
    ['Aymara', 'ay'],
    ['Azerbaijani', 'az'],
    ['Bambara', 'bm'],
    ['Bashkir', 'ba'],
    ['Basque', 'eu'],
    ['Belarusian', 'be'],
    ['Bengali (Bangla)', 'bn'],
    ['Bihari', 'bh'],
    ['Bislama', 'bi'],
    ['Bosnian', 'bs'],
    ['Breton', 'br'],
    ['Bulgarian', 'bg'],
    ['Burmese', 'my'],
    ['Catalan', 'ca'],
    ['Chamorro', 'ch'],
    ['Chechen', 'ce'],
    ['Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja', 'ny'],
    ['Chinese', 'zh'],
    ['Chinese (Simplified)', 'zh-Hans'],
    ['Chinese (Traditional)', 'zh-Hant'],
    ['Chuvash', 'cv'],
    ['Cornish', 'kw'],
    ['Corsican', 'co'],
    ['Cree', 'cr'],
    ['Croatian', 'hr'],
    ['Czech', 'cs'],
    ['Danish', 'da'],
    ['Divehi, Dhivehi, Maldivian', 'dv'],
    ['Dutch', 'nl'],
    ['Dzongkha', 'dz'],
    ['English', 'en'],
    ['Esperanto', 'eo'],
    ['Estonian', 'et'],
    ['Ewe', 'ee'],
    ['Faroese', 'fo'],
    ['Fijian', 'fj'],
    ['Finnish', 'fi'],
    ['French', 'fr'],
    ['Fula, Fulah, Pulaar, Pular', 'ff'],
    ['Galician', 'gl'],
    ['Gaelic (Scottish)', 'gd'],
    ['Gaelic (Manx)', 'gv'],
    ['Georgian', 'ka'],
    ['German', 'de'],
    ['Greek', 'el'],
    ['Greenlandic', 'kl'],
    ['Guarani', 'gn'],
    ['Gujarati', 'gu'],
    ['Haitian Creole', 'ht'],
    ['Hausa', 'ha'],
    ['Hebrew', 'he'],
    ['Herero', 'hz'],
    ['Hindi', 'hi'],
    ['Hiri Motu', 'ho'],
    ['Hungarian', 'hu'],
    ['Icelandic', 'is'],
    ['Ido', 'io'],
    ['Igbo', 'ig'],
    ['Indonesian', 'id, in'],
    ['Interlingua', 'ia'],
    ['Interlingue', 'ie'],
    ['Inuktitut', 'iu'],
    ['Inupiak', 'ik'],
    ['Irish', 'ga'],
    ['Italian', 'it'],
    ['Japanese', 'ja'],
    ['Javanese', 'jv'],
    ['Kalaallisut, Greenlandic', 'kl'],
    ['Kannada', 'kn'],
    ['Kanuri', 'kr'],
    ['Kashmiri', 'ks'],
    ['Kazakh', 'kk'],
    ['Khmer', 'km'],
    ['Kikuyu', 'ki'],
    ['Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)', 'rw'],
    ['Kirundi', 'rn'],
    ['Kyrgyz', 'ky'],
    ['Komi', 'kv'],
    ['Kongo', 'kg'],
    ['Korean', 'ko'],
    ['Kurdish', 'ku'],
    ['Kwanyama', 'kj'],
    ['Lao', 'lo'],
    ['Latin', 'la'],
    ['Latvian (Lettish)', 'lv'],
    ['Limburgish ( Limburger)', 'li'],
    ['Lingala', 'ln'],
    ['Lithuanian', 'lt'],
    ['Luga-Katanga', 'lu'],
    ['Luganda, Ganda', 'lg'],
    ['Luxembourgish', 'lb'],
    ['Manx', 'gv'],
    ['Macedonian', 'mk'],
    ['Malagasy', 'mg'],
    ['Malay', 'ms'],
    ['Malayalam', 'ml'],
    ['Maltese', 'mt'],
    ['Maori', 'mi'],
    ['Marathi', 'mr'],
    ['Marshallese', 'mh'],
    ['Moldavian', 'mo'],
    ['Mongolian', 'mn'],
    ['Nauru', 'na'],
    ['Navajo', 'nv'],
    ['Ndonga', 'ng'],
    ['Northern Ndebele', 'nd'],
    ['Nepali', 'ne'],
    ['Norwegian', 'no'],
    ['Norwegian bokmål', 'nb'],
    ['Norwegian nynorsk', 'nn'],
    ['Nuosu', 'ii'],
    ['Occitan', 'oc'],
    ['Ojibwe', 'oj'],
    ['Old Church Slavonic, Old Bulgarian', 'cu'],
    ['Oriya', 'or'],
    ['Oromo (Afaan Oromo)', 'om'],
    ['Ossetian', 'os'],
    ['Pāli', 'pi'],
    ['Pashto, Pushto', 'ps'],
    ['Persian (Farsi)', 'fa'],
    ['Polish', 'pl'],
    ['Portuguese', 'pt'],
    ['Punjabi (Eastern)', 'pa'],
    ['Quechua', 'qu'],
    ['Romansh', 'rm'],
    ['Romanian', 'ro'],
    ['Russian', 'ru'],
    ['Sami', 'se'],
    ['Samoan', 'sm'],
    ['Sango', 'sg'],
    ['Sanskrit', 'sa'],
    ['Serbian', 'sr'],
    ['Serbo-Croatian', 'sh'],
    ['Sesotho', 'st'],
    ['Setswana', 'tn'],
    ['Shona', 'sn'],
    ['Sichuan Yi', 'ii'],
    ['Sindhi', 'sd'],
    ['Sinhalese', 'si'],
    ['Siswati', 'ss'],
    ['Slovak', 'sk'],
    ['Slovenian', 'sl'],
    ['Somali', 'so'],
    ['Southern Ndebele', 'nr'],
    ['Spanish', 'es'],
    ['Sundanese', 'su'],
    ['Swahili (Kiswahili)', 'sw'],
    ['Swati', 'ss'],
    ['Swedish', 'sv'],
    ['Tagalog', 'tl'],
    ['Tahitian', 'ty'],
    ['Tajik', 'tg'],
    ['Tamil', 'ta'],
    ['Tatar', 'tt'],
    ['Telugu', 'te'],
    ['Thai', 'th'],
    ['Tibetan', 'bo'],
    ['Tigrinya', 'ti'],
    ['Tonga', 'to'],
    ['Tsonga', 'ts'],
    ['Turkish', 'tr'],
    ['Turkmen', 'tk'],
    ['Twi', 'tw'],
    ['Uyghur', 'ug'],
    ['Ukrainian', 'uk'],
    ['Urdu', 'ur'],
    ['Uzbek', 'uz'],
    ['Venda', 've'],
    ['Vietnamese', 'vi'],
    ['Volapük', 'vo'],
    ['Wallon', 'wa'],
    ['Welsh', 'cy'],
    ['Wolof', 'wo'],
    ['Western Frisian', 'fy'],
    ['Xhosa', 'xh'],
    ['Yiddish', 'yi, ji'],
    ['Yoruba', 'yo'],
    ['Zhuang, Chuang', 'za'],
    ['Zulu', 'zu'],

Or if you need an enum of languages without locale in typescript or plaint object in javascript for copy-paste purposes

export enum ISOLanguages {
  AF = 'af',
  SQ = 'sq',
  AR = 'ar',
  EU = 'eu',
  BG = 'bg',
  BE = 'be',
  CA = 'ca',
  ZH = 'zh',
  HR = 'hr',
  CS = 'cs',
  DA = 'da',
  NL = 'nl',
  EN = 'en',
  ET = 'et',
  FO = 'fo',
  FA = 'fa',
  FI = 'fi',
  FR = 'fr',
  GD = 'gd',
  DE = 'de',
  EL = 'el',
  HE = 'he',
  HI = 'hi',
  HU = 'hu',
  IS = 'is',
  ID = 'id',
  IT = 'it',
  JA = 'ja',
  KO = 'ko',
  LV = 'lv',
  LT = 'lt',
  MK = 'mk',
  MT = 'mt',
  NO = 'no',
  PL = 'pl',
  PT = 'pt',
  RM = 'rm',
  RO = 'ro',
  RU = 'ru',
  SZ = 'sz',
  SR = 'sr',
  SK = 'sk',
  SL = 'sl',
  SB = 'sb',
  ES = 'es',
  SX = 'sx',
  SV = 'sv',
  TH = 'th',
  TS = 'ts',
  TN = 'tn',
  TR = 'tr',
  UK = 'uk',
  UR = 'ur',
  VE = 've',
  VI = 'vi',
  XH = 'xh',
  JI = 'ji',
  ZU = 'zu',

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