Using underscore.js template to fill in a Devextreme TileView, I fill the template based on data supplied, as usual. Inside the template I add an event handler to a button created by the template. This works fine using jQuery 3.3.1 but breaks in 2.2.3/.4 with no errors, it just does not apply the handler to the buttons.

I have tried moving the handler to the onclick event on the button.I have tried to move the handler to an outside function in the main page script and pass the id.

<script type="text/html" id="tile-template">
<button class="addToCartBtn dxbButton btnCart" id="addToCartBtn_<%= item.Item_ID %>"><%= addToCartText %></button>

<% $(function(){ $('#addToCartBtn_' + item.Item_ID).on('click', (function(e){ e.preventDefault(); MakeAJAXCall('Cart.AddItemToCart', {Item_ID:item.Item_ID, Qty:getQty('addToCartQtyinput_' + item.Item_ID ), UOM:'P'}, VerifyAddToCart, 'addToCartBtn_' + item.Item_ID)}))}) %>

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