I am adding an Authorize.Net Accept Payment Page to an Ionic 3 app using an Iframe, the Iframe must be contained on a hosted (not local) page. How do I Open an Iframe within an Iframe with different Origins on IOS device?

Ionic app's pages are hosted locally and have an origin = "file://"

To allow the use of the IFrameCommunicator.html which has to be hosted on the same domain as the Iframe, we had to add additional layers of iframes

The layers of Iframes and their origins

  • Inner Iframe to contain the Accept page Iframe, Origin="https//ourServer"
  • Outer Iframe necessary so that IframeCommunicator could reference previously mentioned Iframe (we had no issues with that part). Origin="https//ourServer"
  • Outermost Iframe part of the Ionic App hence Hosted on Origin="file://"

So far everything works properly on Chrome and Safari (with 'ion serve') and Android devices.

The problem is that it does not run on IOS devices (or simulators). 

Initially, it did not load the Outermost Iframe so we added

<access origin="*" />
<allow-navigation href="*" />

to config.xml as advised in here

Then it loaded the two outer Iframes but not the Accept Payment Page (or the Accept Payment Page only when we tried to open it directly in the Outermost Iframe) In other words, it works with only one origin.

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