I have implemented a datasource bound gridview on my aspx page and have added the following jquery to implement several changes when the user hovers over a row. The problem is the jquery also comes into play when you hover over the bottom pager row e.g to change the grid page etc. I had it working with following besides in the case when there isn't a pager row on screen. I've also tried looking for the 'gridheader' class, counting rows etc but none of them seem to do the job.

function PageLoaddCallback(sender, args) {
    $("*[id$='gridResults'] tr:not(tr:last-child)").unbind();
    $("*[id$='gridResults'] tr:not(tr:last-child)").filter(function () {
        return $('td', this).length && !$('table', this).length
            function () {
                var totalRows = $("#<%=gridResults.ClientID %> tr").length;
                m_bgcolour = $(this).css("background-color");
                var _img = $(this).find("*[id$='hdnField']").val();
                var _name = $(this).find("*[id$='hdnName']").val();
                if ((_img == null) || (_img == "")) {
                    var src = "../../Images/Resources/NoSignature.jpg";
                    _name = "Unknown";
                else {
                    var src = "GetImage.axd?id=" + _img;

                $("#largeImg").attr("src", src);
                $(this).css({ background: "#c4ffc4" });
            function () {
                var src = "../../Images/Resources/sample.jpg";
                $("#largeImg").attr("src", src);
                $(this).css({ background: m_bgcolour });



Any help would would be appreciated!


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You can put a special CssClass on the pager rows like so:

<asp:GridView ...>
    <PagerStyle cssClass="pagerRow" />

You should then be able to use that to filter out the rows.


Thanks for the help.. couldn't get your suggestion to work so added a css class to the data rows and changed selector to find the class:

<asp:GridView ID="gridResults" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false" RowStyle-CssClass="dataRow">


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