I am getting fortify path manipulation vulnerability for creating a file with new keyword

I have tried to sanitize the path before passing it to File object, but the problem persists. Tried this link also: https://www.securecoding.cert.org/confluence/display/java/FIO00-J.+Do+not+operate+on+files+in+shared+directories

public static String sanitizePath(String sUnsanitized) throws URISyntaxException, EncodingException {

   String sSanitized = SAPI.encoder().canonicalize(sUnsanitized);
   return sSanitized;


//// the main method code snippet /////

String sSanitizedPath = Utils.sanitizePath(file.getOriginalFilename());

-- fortify scan detects problem here ..in below line --

File filePath = new File(AppInitializer.UPLOAD_LOCATION, sSanitizedPath);

String canonicalPath = filePath.getCanonicalPath();
FileOutputStream fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(canonicalPath);

After the santizePath , I thought the scan will be not pick ,vulnerabilit but , it did.

  • I tried new File(path.normalize().toString()) but this also does not work .Infact it raised 1 more flag for vulnerability – RaVin Apr 24 at 10:26

This "sUnsanitized" variable comes from user input? Maybe this is your real problem.

Never trust in user input its a number one rule to develpment.

  • The file name comes from user input , there is no other way but process the the input . – RaVin Apr 29 at 2:24
  • Do you really need to maintain the original filename? If this is true, ok. You just need to care about the filename itself. I guy can send to you a .cmd, .bat, .exe somethig like that. If you take care about this issue, can you mark this as false positive. – Raphael Hagi Apr 29 at 13:17

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