I would like to make my own webserver software like xampp/appseve. Server must running on apache and also php support. I need to do this because I need to add my own php script together this software, Then I can call script after installation on my other computer. I'm not sure that is it possible to combine essential server component using visual studio. Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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    may be you just pack them in docker? – vasily.sib Apr 24 at 7:01
  • Dear vasily.sib, Do your have more info or related link. – joenpc npcsolution Apr 24 at 7:06
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    you may start learning docker from here – vasily.sib Apr 24 at 7:11
  • Thank you very much. – joenpc npcsolution Apr 24 at 7:18

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