I have setup a Redis cluster with 3 Masters and 3 Slaves. Masters here are sharded evenly slots i.e.

Master1 - 0-5460 slots

Master2 - 5461-10922 slots

Master3 - 10923-16383 slots

and a Sentinel for automatic failover is implemented above that. Further I have implemented a Proxy (HAPROXY) over that so that I can access my cluster via single IP only.

My Master are running on ports 7000, 7001, 7002 and slaves are running on ports 7003, 7004, 7005.

Further Sentinel is running on port 23679 and Haproxy on port 6378.

Sentinel is working fine in case of failover.

Here are my configuration files:

protected-mode no
daemonize yes
port 7000
pidfile /var/run/redis_7000.pid
cluster-enabled yes
cluster-config-file nodes-7000.conf
cluster-node-timeout 5000
appendonly yes
protected-mode no
daemonize yes
port 7003
pidfile "/var/run/redis_7003.pid"
cluster-enabled yes
cluster-config-file "nodes-7003.conf"
cluster-node-timeout 5000
appendonly yes
# Generated by CONFIG REWRITE
dir "/home/ubuntu/redis-stable"
defaults REDIS
mode tcp
timeout connect 10s
timeout server 18s
timeout client 18s

frontend ft_redis
bind *:6378 name redis
default_backend redis-server

backend redis-server
balance roundrobin
mode tcp
option tcp-check
#balance source
tcp-check connect
tcp-check send PING\r\n
tcp-check expect string +PONG
tcp-check send info\ replication\r\n
tcp-check expect string role:master
tcp-check send QUIT\r\n
tcp-check expect string +OK
server server0 <IP1>:7000 check inter 1s
server server3 <IP2>:7003 check inter 1s
server server1 <IP3>:7001 check inter 1s
server server4 <IP4>:7004 check inter 1s
server server2 <IP5>:7002 check inter 1s
server server5 <IP6>:7005 check inter 1s

The problem I am facing is:

When I try to implement this architecture in production on my website it sometimes loads some pages and sometimes don't. And I am unable to find out the possible reason behind this issue/error.

Further if I am using only a single Redis Node it works fine.

I have even tried testing this redis cluster setup via terminal redis-cli and it works fine. It was able to redirect the Redis Commands in their desired slots on other masters.> get foo
"bar"> get hello
-> Redirected to slot [866] located at <IP1>:7000
<IP1>:7000> get abcd
-> Redirected to slot [10294] located at <IP2>:7001
<IP2>:7001> get foo
-> Redirected to slot [12182] located at <IP3>:7002

Can anyone help me with this? What am i missing? Where is the problem in the above setup?

  • What do you mean by webPages sometimes load and sometimes don't. How are this webPages are related with redis cluster ?. Please provide redis cluster logs as well when you are facing issue. – Anuj Vishwakarma Apr 25 at 7:59

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