I am trying to run Drutiny like this from a Jenkins pipeline:

+ docker-compose exec -T cli ./vendor/bin/drutiny policy:audit Drupal-8:PageCacheExpiry @drupalvm.dev
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
In PolicySource.php line 24:

  Drupal-8:PageCacheExpiry requires \Drutiny\Plugin\Drupal8\Audit\ConfigCheck  
   but is not available in this environment.                                   

policy:audit [-p|--set-parameter [SET-PARAMETER]] [-r|--remediate] [-l|--uri [URI]] [--reporting-period-start [REPORTING-PERIOD-START]] [--reporting-period-end [REPORTING-PERIOD-END]] [--] <policy> <target>

Unfortunately this command from the Github-page errors out!

How can I debug this issue?

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