i m new learner for wso2

wso2 - oauth, user Management and my other service available in predix.

so i have used wso2 identity server for oauth and user management.

Problem :

1) how to integrate predix(idp)

2) how to used this things using REST API

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    Couldn't understand the second question. What do you need to achieve using REST APIs? – Vithursa M Apr 25 at 10:12
  • @user3686193 second question related to how to handle total process using rest api bcz if we will integrate federate identity so that is redirect to login console and after that redirect to mention redirected url. can it possible total process using single endpoint? – akshay parmar Apr 30 at 5:14
  • Did you need REST API to configure federated IDP? I couldn't understand what you mean by 'handle total process'. Are you referring to the OAuth endpoints? – senthalan May 19 at 16:44

For your first question, I understood that you need to integrate the mentioned Idp as federated Identity Provider in WSO2 Identity Server. Doc - https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS570/Configuring+Federated+Authentication guides the steps to configure federated authentication.

  • yes but how to integrate do u have any step ? – akshay parmar May 2 at 11:15

Currently, WSO2 IS don't have a build in authenticator for the Prefix. But as the Prefix support OIDC flow, you should be able to WSO2 OIDC federated authenticator. Steps can be found here

I haven't got the chance to test with Prefix. But it needs to work

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