I am using adobe animate tool to develop a flash player which will allow users to annotate and tag faces of people in a video. So user plays video he pauses it and draws a rectangle around a visible face. WHat i need is a frame accurate time code of this frame when user has pause. How can I do that using flash animate CC and action script?

  • and I dont want to convert timestamp into timecode. as that will be error prone – Tarun Apr 25 at 13:34
  • Use AppendBytes() method to extract (and count) individual frame bytes and manually feed them to the NetStream decoder. – VC.One May 4 at 18:42

If you're playing the video via the NetStream class, can't you just use the NetStream.time property? I think that's accurate to 1ms.

AS3 NetStream class

  • NetStream.time is only per second (not in milliseconds). Asker's only hope is to use AppendBytes (if video file has supported a/v codecs) and manually feed each frame to the decoder. This way they'll know what frame number they are seeing at present moment. For this they'll need a good understand bytes structure of their file format. – VC.One May 4 at 18:38
  • It's measured in seconds, yes, but it's a Number. Just checking with playback of a local flv via NetStream and I'm getting the 'time' value showing 0.048, 0.092, 0.106 etc on subsequent frames. – Andrew Frost May 6 at 5:41

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