I want to take styling from the component 'Tab' wich is a react-router-dom Navlink and apply it to my new component 'DropdownTab' wich is a 'div'. How can I inherit the styling without making it a NavLink? I want to do this to avoid duplicate lines of code.

const Tab = styled(NavLink)`
  padding: 0 20px;
  height: ${variables.height};
  line-height: ${variables.height};

// Should be the component 'Menu' and is now the component NavLink
const DropdownTab = styled(Tab)`

Perhaps you can use as?

const DropdownTab = styled(props => <Tab as="div" {...props} />)`
  /* additional styles */

That's ugly though, so maybe you can just extract the common styles into a variable:

const commonStyles = `
  /* common styles */

const Tab = styled(NavLink)`${commonStyles}`
const DropdownTab = styled('div')`${commonStyles}`

If you have prop-based style in your component (i.e color: ${props => props.color}, you'd need to use css helper:

import styled, { css } from 'styled-components'

const commonStyles = css`
  color: ${({ isActive }) => isActive ? 'red' : 'blue' };


Why is DropdownTab a div?

Based on your code, DropdownTab is a Tab. You've used the extending styles concept of styled-components and you've done it right.

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