I was looking for a way to prevent touch devices from "simulating" the hover event. The reason is that you can't hover on touch devices like you can on a desktop with the cursor and this sometimes interfere with the user experience.

Because I didn't found any solutions online I thought I post my own solution here. I hope this will help someone :)


I achieved to only hover on devices which have a real hover state with two media queries.

@media (hover: hover), (-ms-high-contrast:none) {
  div:hover {
    background: red;
<div>Hover me!</div>

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    The best answer I see so far. support all platform, simple and clean. More people should see this solution. – user2875289 Jul 11 '19 at 8:03
  • I am using FF 79.0 on Windows 10 and when I run the code snippet the div does not turn red. Works in all other browsers except FF. Thoughts? – Mark Aug 18 at 16:12

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