I am trying to create the custom loss function in Keras. I want to compute the loss function based on the input and predicted output of the neural network. I created the custom loss function which takes the y_true, y_pred and t as the arguments. t is the variable that I would like to use for the custom loss function calculation. I have two parts in the loss function (please refer to the attached image)

I can create the first part of the loss function (which is the mean squared error). I would like to slice the y_pred tensor and assign it to three tensors (y1_pred, y2_pred, and y3_pred). Is there a way to do that directly in Keras or I have to use tensorflow for that? How can I calculate the gradient in keras? Do I need to create a session for computing loss2?

def customloss(y_true, y_pred, t):
    loss1 =  K.mean(K.square(y_pred - y_true), axis=-1)
    loss2 = tf.gradients(y1_pred, t) - y1_pred*y3_pred
    return loss1+loss2

Thank you.enter image description here

  • I don't really understand but I will tell you what I know and perhaps we can work from there. I do not know how you are planning on passing the t-variable into the loss function, anything related to that I cannot help you with. As far as the slicing goes, you can take columns from tensors like so: y1_pred = y_pred[:, 0] y2_pred = y_pred[:, 1] y3_pred = y_pred[:, 2] – Rkey Aug 7 at 16:39

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