I'm perplex about an IF statement I'm trying to make work. I need to check if the actual hour is in a range of numbers...


$currentTime=date('H', $dateToCheck);

if($currentTime<18 && $currentTime>7)
   do something;

The problem is that whenever I try to check the time with only one statement the IF will work but if I use "&&" and add another statement the IF won't work anymore.

(Of course both of the statement are true so the if should be executed)

The code I'm actually working on is the following

    if($orarioMess<18 && $orarioMess>7)

I expect the IF still to be executed even with 2 statements to check. I have no clue why it isn't working...

  • try if(($orarioMess<18) && ($orarioMess>7)) – dean Apr 26 at 22:54
  • Unluckly I've already tried that and it still doesn't work – Synapsis Apr 26 at 22:54
  • it works for me so I have no idea what is your problem, but probably not there – Flash Thunder Apr 26 at 22:55
  • Ye, that's what I thought too but if I only use if($orarioMess<18) it works perfectly.. so IDK – Synapsis Apr 26 at 22:56
  • still no answer to that... Here for me it's 01:06am so "$orarioMess" is equal to 01 the if statement should work but nope... – Synapsis Apr 26 at 23:07

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