I am trying to implement the cannon's algorithm in Erlang. I am unable to divide submatrices from list of list and send to processes and unable to find any function's that performs rotation row-wise and columnwise like in MPI we have MPI_Cart_shift and MPI_Sendrecv_replace. Please help me if there are any or how can I implement them because Erlang is immutable it is becoming difficult to implement.

  • Are you using array from the standard library? Or something else? – legoscia Apr 29 at 8:59
  • It is impossible to give you some help if you don't provide information about the matrix representation, list of list, list, array of the standard library... you want to use. Each of these representations are possible and have their own advantages and inconvenients but they will need very different algorithm to be rotated. – Pascal Apr 29 at 18:30

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