I can install the watch app on my iPhone using Xcode fine. But, I get the following error when I (or my beta testers) try to install the watch app using TestFlight.

enter image description here

I found this message on the console. The provisioning profiles are handled by Xcode automatically. Previous build of this app had no problem with the Watch app installation via TestFlight, but now even previous builds in TestFlight refuse to install the watch app. enter image description here

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    I experienced the exact same issue. I see the same error in the console logs as well. When I scroll up a little higher, I see this message too: No watch app found with bundle ID org.cocoapods.CocoaLumberjack. So, I'm wondering if it's related to CocoaPods. – Logan Gauthier Apr 29 at 16:43
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    I do get a warning for that right now for my main target, but not the watch target. Btw, I'm currently removing CocoaLumberjack from my watch app just to test to see if it will be able to install so we can confirm that it's somehow related to CocoaPods. My coworker and I are both working on this issue, so I'll update you on what we find. – Logan Gauthier Apr 30 at 16:07
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    I'm seeing exactly the same thing (including the cocoapods log). No warnings when running pod install here. – simon May 1 at 9:14
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    Has anyone actually shipped an app to the store in this state? Does the Apple Watch app work? – simon May 1 at 21:49
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    @simon Our app on the App Store installs fine (same build that we have problems with on TestFlight), so it appears to be safe to ship. – Logan Gauthier May 3 at 16:44

The problem was with TestFlight and Apple has fixed the problem. I can confirm that the watch app installs using TestFlight now. I did not change anything on my side.

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    Definitely not yet fixed on my side. I've tried many times with no success. Did you install an update to the TestFlight app? – wazawoo May 9 at 15:40

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