I'm looking for a way to convert an 8-Byte array to Int, in Ruby.

the equivalent to the C# method 'BitConverter.()' :

btArr = [00,CA,9A,3B,00,00,00,00]
long A = BitConverter.(btArr, 0);

A => 1000000000

any thoughts?


You can use Array.pack() method of ruby to convert array values to long refer to this link for documentation regarding pack method

You can do [1,2,3,4].pack("L") //L -> Unsigned Long 
It returns a string "\x01\x00\x00\x00"
  • could you share a link to read more ? – Zarof May 2 at 10:40
  • added an example. any help would do. – Zarof May 5 at 12:12

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