I have a simple project with maven using the maven war plugin. When I clean the project and run mvn package the conf.properties file I have is always left out of my war file.

The conf.properties file is located at src/main/java/conf/conf.properties.

Any ideas on why this file is ignored?

Thanks in advance

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if you want to package your property files, put your property files in src/main/resources. This is the generic location for property files for all maven builds.


In case you are unable to change the location of the properties file, you can add something like the following in your pom to indicate the alternate location. Refer to this as well.

  • I did de same, but now I'm having encoding problems. Some tip?
    – onluiz
    Commented Jan 10, 2017 at 13:28

At war plugin level you can define encoding as shown below:


Add this follow in the pom.xml file:


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