I am a newby to neural networks. I am trying to solve a classification problem with a multilayer neural network. A data sample consists out of 40 features and one out of 8 ground truth classes. The problem hereby is, that the training data is not large (at least 50 samples per class) and not balanced. The implemented network is a two layer neuronal network with 100 neurons each. The results are perfect (~1.00) for the training but quiet unstable for the testing data (between 0.6 and 0.9).

My questions right now are if you guys have any idea, how to make the network more robust? For small datasets is it better to have less layers but more neurons or more layers and less neurons? How much neurons should the network have in the first layer (dimension of the input feature vector is 40)? While in image classification it is common to augment the input images by lightning change, rotation etc. Is there something similar for feature vectors?

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