When I open up a script without a database connection Visual Studio puts this stupid message in the tab text of "Not Connected"

This suffix is stupid

It takes up half the space on a tab, often sacrificing meaningful parts of the name to display information I don't care about. There's a status bar that says disconnected, that's all I need.

In Options > Database Tools > Transact-SQL Editor, under tab text there's options to remove database name, login name and server name but none seem to remove this message.

Does anyone know how to remove it?




I think I have it!

  1. Right click on a sql file
  2. Choose open with
  3. Choose Source Code (Text) Editor
  4. Click "Set as default" then click OK

Now this will also take away a lot of other features (like being able to execute the query) but I prefer to use Management Studio for running queries.

  • When I'm in VS 2010, open Source Code Explorer, and right-click a .sql file... I don't have an "Open With" option. Am I missing a step? I've already associated .sql files with a plain text editor outside of Visual Studio, so that's not it. – RobertB Feb 28 '14 at 16:46

There is no option to remove this useless text. The funny thing is you can turn off all the other options and get a tab that has nothing but "not connected". No way to get rid of "not connected" though.

You can vote to have an option added:



With Tabs Studio add-in (developed by me), you can configure tabs text to remove the " - not connected" part.

  • This is very nice, but commercial. Most minor extensions like this are not commercial. Good work though. – Samuel Neff Apr 10 '11 at 15:26

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