Which is the most preferred method for an in-app web browser? My app has the need to have a toolbar at the bottom, and I need to be able to take screenshots of visited web pages by hitting a button on the toolbar.

Here is what I'm running into. I want to be able to click a link in my app, open an in-app browser, take a screenshot, and save to core data along with other information about the site.

I'm able to save a screenshot to the camera roll with .takesnapshot() method for Webkit. I've been unable to save it to core data. As of last night, I've found a few functions on SO that show how to take a screenshot of the UIView and return a UIImage, but I've been unable to cast this back to Data since this is what Core Data expects for binary data. Does anyone have a good resource to save Webkit snapshots to Core Data?

In one of the functions I attempted last night, I was able to return the UIImage object, but I was unable to convert it back to Data. I can save all other data about the site to Core Data, but I'm unable to save the image - in fact, when I attempted to save the data directly with Webkit's .takesnapshot() method, the result was nil.


I'm going to answer your question in two parts.

WebKit vs SFSafariViewController

If you want to have a custom toolbar with a button for taking screenshots, I would use a UIViewController with a custom tab bar where you can add whatever buttons you want, then I would also embed a WebKit view in the view controller too. That should be pretty straightforward.

Saving screenshot to Core Data

By the sounds of it, you may be getting a screenshot the wrong way, you want to do so with graphics begin and end image context as follows:

let layer = UIApplication.shared.keyWindow!.layer
let scale = UIScreen.main.scale
UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(layer.frame.size, false, scale)
layer.render(in: UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()!)
let screenshot = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()

Now you have a screenshot saved as a UIImage? in your screenshot variable. Next up you should convert this to data with:

let data = UIImagePNGRepresentation(screenshot!)

Which should give you a data representation of your image that you can then save to Core Data.

  • I don't have UIImagePNGRepresentation for some reason. What you provided is very close to what I already have in a function, and it returns a UIImage. That's what I've been unable to convert. It looks like (unless I'm missing something which is likely) that method no longer exists according to this link: link I tried that yesterday, and I'm not getting the .jpegData method on the return value either. – Nutrion Apr 30 at 22:57
  • Sorry, UIImagePNGRepresentation is old, it should be UIImage.pngData(screenshot!) – Mr.P May 1 at 8:31

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