I just created my first contribution to flutter. I can use my package just fine, but I get a very low score because of some errors found by dart analysis. I am using the GestureDetector class and implemented callbacks for onLongPressDragStart, onLongPressDragUpdate and onLongPressDragUp. According to the analysis after publishing my package these are wrong:

Fix lib/planner_class.dart. (-57.81 points)
Analysis of lib/planner_class.dart failed with 3 errors:
line 163 col 21: The named parameter 'onLongPressDragStart' isn't defined.
line 168 col 21: The named parameter 'onLongPressDragUpdate' isn't defined.
line 173 col 21: The named parameter 'onLongPressDragUp' isn't defined.

But these are defined in the GestureDetector class (https://docs.flutter.io/flutter/widgets/GestureDetector-class.html) . My offending code can be found here on github (https://github.com/ourtrip/planner/blob/7c4c6bb8533ab9ecb66c61ba757a88ba2aaf8092/lib/planner_class.dart#L163). Oddly enough, the other callbacks (onScaleStart and onScaleUpdate) don't throw an error.

The dart package with the errors can be found here: https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/planner#-analysis-tab-.

So what could be causing this? And how do i fix it?

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