In the icalendar gem's readme they have this example code:

cal = Icalendar::Calendar.new
cal.event do |e|
  e.dtstart     = Icalendar::Values::Date.new('20050428')
  e.dtend       = Icalendar::Values::Date.new('20050429')
  e.summary     = "Meeting with the man."
  e.description = "Have a long lunch meeting and decide nothing..."
  e.ip_class    = "PRIVATE"


What does the cal.publish method do? There is no documentation for it, and the source code only shows this:

def publish
  self.ip_method = 'PUBLISH'

That doesn't help—what does ip_method do??

If anyone could explain this, it would be a great help.


From Github I could see that there is a optional_single_property (hook?) defined.


I think this refers to iTip methods and this method just sets the publish method.

I found this here:

The ‘methods’ are not explained in the iCalendar standard, but in the iTIP standard, and reading of this second standard clarified a lot. These are the supported methods as listed on page 8 of the standard:

PUBLISH: Used to publish an iCalendar object to one or more “Calendar Users”. There is no interactivity between the publisher and any other “Calendar User”. An example might include a baseball team publishing its schedule to the public.

The iTip stuff is explained in RFC 5546.

While looking around, I found another guy saying:

"iCalendar used the method PUBLISH instead of REQUEST. Using REQUEST, it just brings up the calendar, while using PUBLISH imported it."

I hope this answers your question.

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