So I created a Vue file with a render function that is supposed to loop over IDs and create components according to those.

Specifically inside my render function I'm using createElement to which I pass three params:

  1. A Vue component (from a JS file)
  2. a config object
  3. A Vue component (from a Vue file)

It's 3. that's giving me this error:

Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined.

this Vue file has no render function, but it does have a template, so I'm confused why this error is happening.

In the code below [createElement([dialogs[id]])] is the part that gives the error:

import { QDialog } from 'quasar'
import Signin from './Signin.vue'
import Signout from './Signout.vue'

const dialogs = {

function createDialogNode (id, createElement, parent) {
  return createElement(QDialog, {
    props: {
      value: parent.toggles[id]
    on: {
      input: function (newState) {
        parent.toggles[id] = newState
  }, [createElement([dialogs[id]])])

// further down I use `createDialogNode` inside the render function and loop over the props inside `dialogs`.

So in the code above you see I have an object dialogs with imported components. These components are regular Vue files.

I want to pass them inside createElement as third param to the other createElement that is returned in my function above.


You can't pass an array to createElement as the first argument.

Try this instead:

  • Thanks so much Decade Moon!! (Your upvote is much appreciated 🙃) – mesqueeb May 1 '19 at 0:03

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