This works:

my &Moves::shuffle = -> *@deck {
    @deck.pick: *;

say Moves::shuffle( "As de bastos", "3 de oros", "Sota de espadas" );

This does not:

sub Moves::shuffle( *@deck ) {
    return @deck.pick: *;

say Moves::shuffle( "As de bastos", "3 de oros", "Sota de espadas" );

And it fails with: Could not find symbol '&shuffle'

Any idea why?

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    This also works: package Moves { our sub shuffle( *@deck ) { @deck.pick: * } } – Håkon Hægland May 1 at 8:57
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    I could swear I read a comment by jnthn discussing thorny aspects constraining what can reasonably be done related to whether non-leaf package names (i.e. all but last in something like non-leaf::non-leaf::leaf) result in creating the non-leaf package hierarchy if it doesn't already exist. But my search of the issue queues of rakudo/rakudo, perl6/doc, and perl6/nqp repo drew a blank. One comment that looked like it might possibly be relevant closed with "the current mechanism has come to resemble a house of cards". – raiph May 11 at 14:35

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