I want to install and set up TYPO3 on my local machine. What's the best practice and fastest way to do so?


For running TYPO3 on a local machine you need a web server running on your machine.

This can be done in different ways:

  1. Native Web Server, PHP and database on a Linux based machine
  2. Virtual Machine (VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels, etc.)
  3. Vagrant
  4. Docker

Currently the fastest way to a "non power user" in my opinion is ddev. ddev is a user-friendly possibility to run a perfect environment for TYPO3 on a docker base. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows (minimum version 10, hyper-v recommended) and it brings all technologies you need for best experience.

  1. Install Docker and ddev, see https://ddev.readthedocs.io/en/stable/
  2. Create a folder for your installation, e.g. ~/Websites/my-website/ or C:\Websites\my-website\ and go into it.
  3. Run ddev config and set these three options in the dialog:
  4. Project name (default is your folder name): Whatever you like
  5. Docroot location: public and say yes for creating
  6. Project type: typo3
  7. Run ddev start to start the Docker containers and add your root password to set the hosts entry (for accessing it via local domain)
  8. Run ddev composer create typo3/cms-base-distribution ^9 and say yes for overwriting
  9. Run ddev config again and just hit enter for every dialog to create a file which provides the DB credentials for your TYPO3 installation
  10. Run ddev exec vendor/bin/typo3cms install:setup --no-interaction --admin-user-name=admin --admin-password=password --site-setup-type=site

That's all, you have a running TYPO3 instance on your local machine. You can access it by using <project-name>.ddev.site in your browser, in our example it should be http://my-website.ddev.site. To get into the TYPO3 backend you only need to put the credentials admin:password on http://my-website.ddev.site/typo3.

For troubleshooting go to:

  • just tried your tutorial, works like a charm. only difference was the url is not <project-name>.ddev.local it was <project-name>.ddev.site | maybe you can update your answer – oiBio Nov 12 '20 at 14:22
  • @oiBio Thanks, I changed it. In earlier versions it was .local, but in the meantime it changed. – Thomas Löffler Nov 12 '20 at 15:40

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