I have this simple lcd xc8 header file:


#include "lcd.h"

void pantallaCWS (const char stringProyecto){
    const char stringProyecto[16] = "__proyNombre____";
    Lcd_Out(1, 0, stringProyecto);


What I would like to do is that, if an argument is not given in the function, put one by default.

is this possible?

  • never put executable code in a header file – Mike May 2 at 11:24
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    And the answer to the question is : No, not in C – Mike May 2 at 11:26
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    "never put executable code in a header file" - that's not completely correct @Mike - think of static/inline functions, for example. – andreee May 2 at 11:38

First, I think there is an error in your argument declaration as it is only one char but you want a string.

Then the trick is to check for a null argument, and if so, provide your default argument in the function, for example:

void pantallaCWS (const char *stringProyecto){
    const char *myString;
    if (stringProyecto==0)
        myString= "__proyNombre____";
        myString= stringProyecto;
    Lcd_Out(1, 0, myString);
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    I don't think this matches the requirement: "if an argument is not given in the function" – Jonathon Reinhart May 2 at 11:39
  • This work for me. I´ll call the function in two ways: 1: pantallaCWS (null) or 2: pantallaCWS (anyString) ..... thanksss – covraworks May 2 at 17:45
  • @JonathonReinhart, the alternative solution is to work with varargs, but I don't think the OP is up to that. (Besides, his declaration doesn't allow it.) – Paul Ogilvie May 2 at 18:13

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