XCode 10.1 (default compiler) does not compile the code below

NSImage* image = [NSImage imageNamed:@"imageName"];
image.template = NO;

The error code is below

...: error: expected unqualified-id
            { image.template = NO; }

The file extension is .mm (Default - Objective C++). When I change the extension to .m (Default - Objective C), everything compiles correctly. For me it is inappropriate because I use mixed C++/Objective C source code and I am planning to include C++ headers to the file.

As far as I understand it is a compiler bug. It treats the setter as C++ template<>. Is there any workaround? Can I tell the compiler to treat the line as pure Objective C code?

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    I guess [image setTemplate: NO] could do the trick. – molbdnilo May 2 at 14:18
  • works! thank you. – Eugen May 2 at 14:21

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