I am trying to query entries from multiple content types from contentful on Android using the API. I have a two content types (news & stories). The problem is that .where() can take one content type at a time. Below the code:

            .where("content_type", "news")
            .subscribe( new DisposableSubscriber<CDAArray>(){
                CDAArray result;

                public void onNext(CDAArray cdaArray) {
                    result = cdaArray;

                public void onError(Throwable t) {
                    Log.e("Contentful", "could not request entry", t);

                public void onComplete() {
                    for (CDAResource resource : result.items()) {
                        CDAEntry entry = (CDAEntry) resource;
                        Log.e("Contentful", entry.rawFields()+ "//");

I am trying to achieve the result of the following with the api



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