I am currently working on a project that requires a lot of firebase storage access which eats up a lot of bandwidth. user can create a post with an image, that post can then be viewed by other users. the problem with this is each time a user refreshes the page, it will reload all the post again, this spikes up our bandwidth consumption for firebase storage crazy.

I read up about firebase's keep sync method but that would only work in one app session meaning next session i will download all the images again.

One solution i was thinking of is using room database to store the images, and have the url saved as key. if url is in the database, we load from database else we download. I was thinking of limiting database to only 15 images or so. I understand that saving image in rooom is generally not a good idea as well.

I tried glide's disk caching using the code given below but the count still goes up. is there any solution using glide?

StorageReference storageRef = FirebaseStorage.getInstance().getReferenceFromUrl(post.getImageUrl());

Glide gives me sketchy result, sometimes it grabs from url (twice in a row)and other time I can tell its using cache by how fast the image loads up. I tried reading on how exactly glide uses caches, Im confused on when we glideapp.load(url).diskCach... , the first time it loads the url from internet but when it loads the url second time, does it still use internet? or directly the cache?

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