It is not typical. Firstly we followed Facebook guide to setup fb login for both iOS and Android apps, even established app center on facebook dev. account and followed this article: App not setup: This app is still in development mode

However, we still struggling with the very same issue: APP is not setup and still in development mode if it iOS app and this app has no hashes configured if it is Android app.

We created a brand new account fb. dev. account and established their fb login, changed needed information in the code and still result is the same.

  • i remove the js sdk because it is not related to your question. about your question: so what did you try? you should add some screenshots of your app settings. – luschn May 3 at 10:04
  • Did you try to change the status of your app to "public" in the facebook developer portal? – Letaief Achraf May 3 at 12:58

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