New to programming, SQL and VBA. I frequently work with decent size data tables and thought it would be helpful to add SQL query execution capability to apply to an existing excel table. Research led me to ADODB connections and found a great base snippet to work from here: https://blog.learningtree.com/excel-as-a-database-how-to-query-economic-data-with-sql/

I seem to running into limits though on how many rows are accessible before the next line of code runs. In my SQL statement source I can return 65k rows, any more in defining the source table size, and I get an Object does not exist error. Can you run ADODB recordset.Open asynchronously to ensure complete return of the object? - Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

tried to insert a WAIT inline: rs.Open strSQL, Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:30")), cn but still errors out. See code below

Sub ExcelTbl_SQL()

    Dim cn As ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

    strFile = ThisWorkbook.FullName
    strCon = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" & strFile _
                & ";Extended Properties=""Excel 12.0;HDR=Yes;IMEX=1"";"

    Set cn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

    cn.Open strCon

    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$A1:AI146103] WHERE GROUP = 'HIX'"

    rs.Open strSQL, cn

    Dim ws As Worksheet

    Set ws = Application.Sheets.Add    
    ws.Range("A1").CopyFromRecordset rs

    'Debug.Print rs.GetString    
End Sub

These are the results I am getting:

  • Works: strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$A1:AI65000] WHERE GROUP = 'HIX'"

  • Error: strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$A1:AI65437] WHERE GROUP = 'HIX'"

Run-time error '-2147217865 (80040e37)': The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object 'Sheet1$A1:AI65437'.

  • Excel had a 65K row limit until Office 2007 I believe. Are you using an older version? – wavery May 3 at 18:33
  • I am using Excel 2016 – Geosmile May 3 at 19:57
  • What is the error you receive? Please wrap your subroutine in proper error handling and report the runtime exception messages. – Parfait May 3 at 21:00
  • Solved: Pass the sheet object -- strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]" – Geosmile May 4 at 15:48

I think this is because you are calling old version library through this part of connection string:


You should try


Upd: Answer was here Excel as database - query more than 65536 rows? interesting. You cannot mention rows, or you'll get error.

  • There no such 16.0 OLEDB driver. – Parfait May 3 at 20:58
  • 1
    I stand corrected. Until today I only knew of Microsoft.OLEDB.Jet.4.0 and Microsoft.OLEDB.ACE.12.0 OLEDB drivers. I adjusted one of my code to use 16.0 version and it worked! What's remarkable is that even the 2016 redistributable site mentions only 12.0 under Install Instructions. No were does MSDN docs mention 16.0. Let me read into this more. – Parfait May 3 at 21:32
  • 1
    Answer was near stackoverflow.com/questions/24472183/… interesting. You cannot mention rows, or you'll get error. You can mention columns only. Seems to be driver bug. – Van Ng May 3 at 22:41
  • 1
    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1] WHERE GROUP = 'HIX'" something like that should be – Van Ng May 3 at 22:43
  • 1
    Success!! returned all 146203 rows! strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]" Thanks - appreciate your efforts! @VanNg,@Parfait – Geosmile May 3 at 22:55

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