I am setting up the export/import routine for our Bigtable .I was able to successfully export a BigTable table into Avro files using dataflow job template "Cloud Bigtable to Avro files on Cloud Storage.". However, when I try to import the BigTable table with the corresponding export files, it gives me the following error:

NOT_FOUND: Error while mutating the row 'C\035I\370\331\314G\346\204\003;S\333\312Ee0\024K\353\\000\372\300;\232\312\001' (projects/tvc-project/instances/dave-backup-test/tables/Tabledave) : Requested column family not found Error mutating row ….with mutations [set_cell { family_name: "f" column_qualifier: "last_updated" timestamp_micros: 1542667887527000 value: "\000\000\001g.+$Y"

This occurred when the table did not exist in the BigTable instance and after I created the table and the corresponding family (mentioned in the error) in the BigTable instance. I created the import dataflow job with the Cloud Dataflow template "Avro files on Cloud Storage to Cloud Bigtable".

Any assistance is very much appreciated.


Found out the problem. An additional family was created in the Bigtable table. Once the additional family was added, everything worked fine.

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