I'm using the following code to detect when any new workouts added to healthkit in the background. However whenever the method gets called it returns all workouts that have been logged since the background delivery method started. Is there a way to monitor for only new workout types rather than bring back all of them?

Here is the code that I'm calling in didFinishLaunching

    func startObservingNewWorkouts() {
    let currentUser = PFUser.current()
    if currentUser != nil {
        let query = PFQuery(className:"UserData")
        query.whereKey("Username", equalTo:currentUser!.username!)
        query.findObjectsInBackground { (objects: [PFObject]?, error: Error?) in
            if let error = error {
                // Log details of the failure
            } else if let objects = objects {
                // The find succeeded.
                // Do something with the found objects
                for object in objects {
                    UserData = object
                    let sampleType =  HKObjectType.workoutType()

                    //1. Enable background delivery for workouts
                    self.healthKitStore.enableBackgroundDelivery(for: sampleType, frequency: .immediate) { (success, error) in
                        if let unwrappedError = error {
                            print("could not enable background delivery: \(unwrappedError)")
                        if success {
                            print("background delivery enabled")

                    //2.  open observer query
                    let query = HKObserverQuery(sampleType: sampleType, predicate: nil) { (query, completionHandler, error) in

                        self.updateWorkouts() {



func updateWorkouts(completionHandler: @escaping () -> Void) {

    var anchor: HKQueryAnchor?

    let sampleType =  HKObjectType.workoutType()

    let anchoredQuery = HKAnchoredObjectQuery(type: sampleType, predicate: nil, anchor: anchor, limit: HKObjectQueryNoLimit) { [unowned self] query, newSamples, deletedSamples, newAnchor, error in

        self.handleNewWorkouts(new: newSamples!, deleted: deletedSamples!)

        anchor = newAnchor



func handleNewWorkouts(new: [HKSample], deleted: [HKDeletedObject]) {
    print("new sample added = \(new.last?.startDate)")
    userWorkouts = UserData["UserWorkouts"] as? [Dictionary<String,String>] ?? []
    let i = new.last as! HKWorkout
    var userWorkout = [String: String]()
    userWorkout["Description"] = i.description
    userWorkout["Source"] = i.sourceRevision.source.name
    userWorkout["Duration"] = String(format: "%.0f", i.duration)

    userWorkouts.insert(userWorkout, at: 0)
    UserData["UserWorkouts"] = userWorkouts
    UserData.saveInBackground {
        (success: Bool, error: Error?) in
        if (success) {
            self.userDefaults.set(userWorkouts2, forKey: "userWorkouts")
            self.userDefaults.set(Date(),forKey: "lastWorkoutUpdate")

            let content = UNMutableNotificationContent()
            content.title = "New Workout Logged!"
                content.body = "New workout logged from \(i.sourceRevision.source.name)
            content.sound = UNNotificationSound.default
            let trigger = UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger(timeInterval: 2, repeats: false)
            let request = UNNotificationRequest(identifier: "notification.id.01", content: content, trigger: trigger)
            UNUserNotificationCenter.current().add(request, withCompletionHandler: nil)
            // The object has been saved.
        } else {
            // There was a problem, check error.description

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