I'm setting up some automation using shell and applescript scripting. Several of my modules require passing several params into the AppleScript. Although there are a few ways of doing so, a bit of research lead me to the "Mac::AppleScript Perl module" and it looks really promising. However it requires a short .pl script in /usr/local/bin. The only example of it I found has two syntax errors and I have absolutely no experience at all in Perl.

I've tried guessing at what might be throwing the errors based on what I would use in the languages I've worked with but even though I can recognize the variables not expanding in a few spots, my attempts at correcting it results in further errors and I've been hacking at it for hours. Can someone please take a look and tell me what might be the syntax issues I can fix?


use strict;
use Mac::AppleScript qw/ RunAppleScript /;

if( $#ARGV = 0) ? '"'.join('","',@ARGV).'"' : "";
my $rtn = RunAppleScript( "return run script alias ((POSIX file ""
    .$script.'") as text) with parameters {'.$args.'}' ),"n"
        or die "AppleScript Error: $!";

$rtn =~ s/(^"|"$)//g;
print $rtn,"n";

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  • You have an unescaped " in your double-quoted string literal.
  • You use variables you never declared or initialized.
  • You have a stray ,"n" in your code.
  • Your code suffers from code injection bugs.
  • The error message is found in $@, not $!.


sub text_to_as_lit { '"'.( $_[0] =~ s/([\\"])/\\$1/rg ).'"' }  #'

my ($script, @args) = @ARGV;

my $rtn = RunAppleScript(sprintf(
   "return run script alias ((POSIX file %s) as text) with parameters {%s}",
   ( join ',', map text_to_as_lit($_), @args ),
    or die("AppleScript Error: $@");


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