How would I go about finding the index or element in an array that contains something I'm looking for?

When I tried using includes() i get

m.includes() is not a function

I've installed array-includes from NPM but I still can't figure out how to do it. Example of what I want:

Make an array of strings eg. ['apple', 'orange', 'kiwi']
Check each of the elements for If they contain 'orange'
Have it return either the element itself, or the index of the element in the 

I've tried:

pinmsgs = pinmsgs.filter(includes(pinmsgs, 'countdownTill'))

And this is the error:

(node:3256) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: fn is not a function
at Map.filter (C:\Users\oof\Desktop\VVbot - kopie (2) - kopie\node_modules\d
at message.guild.channels.find.fetchPinnedMessages.then (C:\Users\oof\Deskto
p\VVbot - kopie (2) - kopie\bot.js:54:37)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

I also need it to work for when i put in only a part of what I'm looking for - eg. if I look for appl it will still output apple


You can use find if you want to find the element. Or findIndex if you want to find the index

const array = ['apple', 'orange', 'kiwi'],
      item = "orange";

const found = array.find(a => a.includes(item))
const index = array.findIndex(a => a.includes(item))

// if you want to find if item exists in the array
const fullMatchIndex = array.indexOf(item)



There are bunch of function you can use

  • Using indexOf, returns the index or -1 if not found
const a = ['orange', 'apple', 'kiwi'];
// 1
  • You can use filter to return array of item that matches certain condition
const a = ['orange', 'apple', 'kiwi', 'apple'];
console.log(a.filter(x => x === 'apple'));
// ['apple', 'apple']
  • You can use find to return first value of matched item or returned undefined if not found
const a = ['orange', 'apple', 'kiwi', 'apple'];
console.log(a.find(x => x === 'apple'));
// apple
  • Sorry, I forgot to post something very important - I need it to work when I input even a part of what I need - eg. If if look for ap It will output apple – Stakoter May 5 '19 at 13:06

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