I am trying to replace a class at runtime using Instrumentation.redefineClasses. (don't ask why) I have two questions:

  • How do I get a copy of the Instrumentation class in my main method? The documentation says something about agent - jar that I don't understand.

  • What is the bytes parameter for in ClassDefinition? Is it the string you are trying to replace the class with converted to an array of bytes, or something else? So if I want to replace the class Foo.java with the following text:

    public class Foo {
      public int Bar(){
        return 0;

    What would be the correct array of bytes to put in new ClassDefinition(Foo.class, bytes here)?

  • Hello, anybody here? Is this forum inactive? – daelp May 6 at 3:08
  • Instrumentation works on compiled byte code, not source code. That’s why you receive a byte array containing the code and have to return a byte array containing the changed code. You don’t get an instance of an Instrumentation implementation in the main method; as the documentation explains, a Java Agent is a different software launched either before or alongside your main application and will be started via its premain or agentmain method which can receive an Instrumentation. – Holger May 6 at 7:39

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