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I have some text, I need to select only alphanumeric characters only in single match.

I have tried this in regex


Pattern : [^\W]+

Input:  This is "My Page"


Output I Need: This is My Page

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  • Join the result with a single space? This will avoid the capture of multiple space – xdtTransform May 6 at 7:51
  • The only way is to remove the non-alphanumeric characters. Or concatenate the sub-matches. – montonero May 6 at 7:51
  • BTW, concatenating matches is preferable if spaces should not be preserved and you want to get alphanumeric substrings separated with a single space: it is much cleaner with a mere \w+ regex. See this thread on how to get multiple matches. – Wiktor Stribiżew May 6 at 8:29

Remove everything that is not word character or space using this regex,

[^\w ]+

with empty space.

Regex Demo

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