Disclaimer: I have searched and read similar posts and they do not answer my question.

I am running Ubuntu 18.10 and need to install gcc 8.2.0 to build kernel modules. apt-get wants to install 8.3 which doesn't match how my kernel was built.

I have tried

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcc:8.2.0

but I get the error message that the package could not be found.

I tried going the route of installing 8.3 and then building 8.2.0 and installing it into /usr/local/bin. It worked for a few modules but when I tried building kernel modules for VMWare it complained that the package was not installed correctly. I am a CentOS guy so a little out of my element on debian based distros.

I located gcc 8.2.0 here as part of the core for Cosmic (18.10) but I am unsure how to install it.

I also tried:

sudo apt-get install gcc=4:8.2.0-1ubuntu1 --no-upgrade

and it still wants to install 8.3. Do I need to change the defaults for this to work? It completely ignores the --no-upgrade option.

  • I have pretty much determined that what I want to do is not possible. I downloaded the 8.2.0 package and attempted to install it locally. It complains that 8.3 is to be installed. How Ubuntu expects developers to be able to build kernel modules with the compiler used to build the kernel is a mystery. Time to find another distro. – Not a machine May 9 at 22:42

You need to use the equals sign instead of the colon.

sudo apt-get install gcc=4:8.2.0-1ubuntu1

You'll also need to update your default gcc config.

How to change the default GCC compiler in Ubuntu?

  • See my new comments in OP. – Not a machine May 7 at 17:32
  • I can set my default gcc to 8.2.0 when 8.3 is installed as per the link you provided but that won't help if I cannot get 8.2.0 installed. – Not a machine May 7 at 17:50

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