I am currently reading myself into the world of the actor model and its implementation with the programming language Scala. I have found two approaches to this. On the one hand the newer "AKKA Framework" and on the other hand "Scala Actors". There is also a published paper on "Scala Actors" by Philipp Haller and Martin Odersky in which they describe their implementation. This is obviously based on a combination of "thread based" and "event based programming". This raises for me the question what is the difference between "thread based" and "event based" and how to combine it or how it is combined in "Scala Actors" ?

Has anyone had any experience with this ?

Thanks for every answer :)

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    Scala Actors were deprecated 5 years ago! – Tim May 7 at 10:39
  • when asynchronous activity like Akka Actor waits for input data, it does not occupy a threads' call stack (which has considerable size), while synchronous activity (thread, including Scala Actor) owns a stack permanently. So you can create millions of Akka actors but only thousands of threads. – Alexei Kaigorodov May 7 at 16:32