I want to handle dead letters of my azure service bus queue. For this I thought I could use a azure function with a ServiceBusTrigger:

public static async Task DoSomething(
    [ServiceBusTrigger("myqueue/$DeadLetterQueue", Connection = "ServiceBusConnection")]
    Message deadLetter)

Unfortunately with this the messages are processed in PeekLockMode.

If my code is faulty and the function fails with an exception the dead-letter-message is abandoned. The ServiceBusTrigger will start the function again short time later... of course it will fail due to the same exception and abandon the message again... a endless loop is born.

Is it possible to use the ServiceBusTrigger with ReceiveAndDelete mode? This would be sufficient for my dead letter handling.

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    I don't see that option in ServiceBusTrigger but you can call "deadLetter.Complete()" method before executing any business logic or put this link in "try-finally block" to execute always. – Pankaj Rawat May 9 at 9:47

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