I have an embedded site for my users to view a report. I have one master login for Power BI that all customers are routed through.

Authentication and the request are done through a .NET backend using PowerBI.Api.V2. Everything works well when I hardcode a single reportId and embed the fullscreen iframe.

My question is for customers that have multiple reports; Is there a built in report-picker-report that I can embed where the report selection is already handled for me? Or should I work on building an interface after retrieving the list of reports my users can pick from?


No, there are no built-in pickers. Power BI provides an API interface and you must implement these for yourself. Of course, you can build these pickers and make them available for us :)

To get list of workspaces you need to call Get Groups. This will give you a list of user's workspaces. You can show their name property values to the user, but you will need their id (the guid). When you know the id of a workspace, you can list the reports in it by calling Get Reports In Group. The same way you can call Get Dashboards In Group and Get Tiles In Group.

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